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Fast carbohydrates

Fast carbohydrates – split too quickly and cause an “insulin burst” in our blood. To the brain, they act as quickly as to the stores of fatty deposits. And most importantly – the energy from simple carbohydrates for a long time is not enough.

Not only specialists but also ordinary people, who know the value of their health, the ability to smile at the world from the very early morning, are confident that fast carbohydrates are enemies of a fit figure and the active and active organism of man in general.

Words: “fast” and “harmful” in the context of not ideal, but healthy food and carbohydrate products are synonymous. Their cleavage is very rapid – as a result, glucose makes a jump upward, and then “snugly” is located in the body as a subcutaneous fat!




What foods are saturated with fast carbohydrates

What foods are saturated with fast carbohydrates, so damaging to the figure, mood, and general condition in particular?

  1. Flour “white” products (bread, pizza, buns);
  2. Sugar and honey;
  3. Confectionery delicacies and carbonated drinks;
  4. Watermelon, banana, persimmon, and grapes;
  5. Mayonnaise and ketchup;
  6. Alcohol (beer in particular).


fast carbohydrates


Any nutritionist listed all of the above items as taboo! Deadly poison, tirelessly killing a person, fast carbohydrates can not be called, but their daily savor creates an unbearable load for the pancreas that produces insulin – the endocrine system is under threat. In the blood sugar begins to “jump” up and down like a rubber ball, provoking mood swings, and body tone. If such food will take the niche of the “festive” menu, you will feel a dramatic change in your body and morale …

As for fruits and honey, along with fast carbohydrates, they undoubtedly contain many useful microelements, fiber, and they must be consumed, but it should be done correctly.

In an optimal diet, slow carbohydrates are preferable. Especially on weekdays, when the concentration of attention and active attitude is necessary at work. At the same time, it is better to eat high-carbohydrate foods during breakfast and midday lunch. For dinner, prepare a protein table.

A list of fast carbohydrates or high GI is not worth it!

The concept of the “glycemic index” (GI) is directly related to the value of blood sugar level. The value of GI shows how quickly the eaten carbohydrates are digested, get into the blood. The higher the GI, the “faster” carbohydrates and the more active the person gets fat! The calculation is from a standard of 100 units – glucose. But the striking indicators above this “ideal of harm” have dates (146 units).

Rapid carbohydrates with an average glycemic index (55-70 units) – list of products:

  • Bread and pastry from rye flour (coarse grinding);
  • Apricot, pineapple, kiwi, banana, and melon;
  • Cooked carrots, beets, peas;
  • Honey;
  • Cereals: rice, semolina;
  • Corn (popcorn);
  • Potatoes in “uniform”.

Rapid carbohydrates with a high GI (above 70 units) – a list of foods that interfere with the good functioning of the body:

  • Any pastry based on wheat flour, puff, and yeast dough. For example, morning toast has GI – 100 units.
  • Sweet juices and colas (75);
  • Boiled or fried potatoes (95) and mashed potatoes (90);
  • Pumpkin (75) and a watermelon (103);
  • Dried fruits and grapes (75);
  • Sugar and milk chocolate (70);
  • Bars (snickers, kit-kat, mars) and chocolate sweets (70);
  • Rice, muesli with sugar and corn flakes (80-90);
  • Chips (85).

Why are fast carbohydrates dangerous?

Accumulated in just a few minutes, fast carbohydrates dramatically increase blood sugar levels. To use this sugar properly, the body synthesizes the hormone insulin, which makes use of these calories either for current needs (for both physical activity and general metabolic processes), or sending them to fat stores.


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A sharp surge in blood sugar and its subsequent decline provokes a feeling of weakness and fatigue, perceived by many as hunger. It is this particular feeling that provokes to eat something sweet to raise the blood sugar level, leading to overeating and obesity. That is why fast carbohydrates cause dependence.


fast carbohydrates dangerous


Products containing fast carbohydrates are primarily sugar and honey, as well as ice cream, baked pastries, sweet fruits and vegetables, and various drinks (from sweet sodas to “sports” isotonic). Examples of complex carbohydrates are cereals, beans and legumes, green vegetables, and various pasta.


To health, positive ideas and actions become your companions, reduce the consumption of foods with fast carbohydrates, so you prevent the insulin release into the blood. Let the cakes and jam over a piece of white bread, sweets and chips will become a “weekend” diet. Especially beware of fast carbohydrates in the afternoon, when they pose the greatest threat to your figure.

A low glycemic index will help reduce weight and lightness throughout the day. Lose weight with a menu in which the list of products consists of utilities with GI not exceeding 55 units! Excellent mood and a fit figure – for this it is worth giving up excesses …