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Drying of the body

Body drying is an expression borrowed from bodybuilders. It means losing weight before the competition to thin the subcutaneous fat layer for detailed relief drawing. The result is achieved through intensive multi-rehearsal exercises with medium weights, as well as a reduction in the diet of carbohydrates and fats.

Physical loads activate in the body biological processes that increase the volume of muscle fibers and the growth of connective tissues. However, without fats, proteins, and carbohydrates (BJU), there is no progression in the development of skeletal tissue. With the right ratio of nutrients and strength exercises, the amount of fat and muscle mass is equal – 50/50.

With an improperly designed training program and the errors in the diet, the volume of the subcutaneous fat layer increases by more than 25%. To restore the old form, you need to dry the body. For this, there is a complex system, implying changes in the sports diet and training.




What is drying in sports and how does it differ from losing weight?

This concept is now actively exploited by all women’s magazines. It is firmly established in the vocabulary of those who watch the weight. Women often use the method as an opportunity to bring the figure in order before the beach season. However, the rules of drying the house differ from the banal weight loss. The method is not suitable for those who have a lot of weight and who do not go in for sports.

Weight loss without physical exertion does not give those results that are received by phytonashes. Before you dry your body of fat you need to walk a few months into the gym or work out at home to bring the muscles into tonus and pull up the body.


drying bodybuilders


What is the principle of carbohydrate drying

The essence of the method consists in reducing fat deposits by 15-20% and maintaining the dry mass. Drying the body is a lengthy process that requires control of power and loads. For 5-6 weeks, you need to monitor the percentage of fat using measurements and adjust the volume of carbohydrates, gradually switching to protein foods.

Who needs drying the body?

The answer is clear – to athletes. Earlier, bodybuilders constantly watched the weight and at the deviation from the norm immediately sat on a diet. Today they use cyclical approaches to correct the mass.

Athletes first gain weight, then spend drying for weight loss. This periodicity spurs muscle hypertrophy and quickly burns fat.


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How to properly dry the body know the bodybuilders who compete in the competition. Restriction in nutrition and repeated repetitions of exercises with small scales eventually form a fry figure with traced muscles and veins. The athlete’s task in this period is to dry without losing muscle mass and harm to health.

How to dry properly and where to start losing weight

Before you make a diet and adjust the training plan on an online calculator, calculate the dry weight. The figures will prompt you how much to remove the fat, and how long the drying will last.

For normal functioning in the female body, up to 15% of subcutaneous fat should be present.

  • Girls of athletic build are recommended to have at least 20% of the stock.
  • Men have values ​​higher by 5%. The average indicators include indicators – 25-32%. If the digits exceed the last value, it is necessary to dry.

How to calculate the calorie diet and the ratio of BJU

Counting BZHU during drying and calorie diet itself is difficult. For this, there are applications for phones and special programs. Examples of ready-made men’s menus and a drying diet for women will help to properly dry the body and outline the relief.


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General recommendations on nutrition

Before carrying out the drying at home for 3 days, prepare the body, halving the intake of carbohydrates and the volume of servings. When compiling a diet based on the norm of protein – 2.5 g / 1 kg of body weight of the norm of carbohydrates.

How to calculate the calorie for effective drying when losing weight

During the first seven days, 200 g of carbohydrates are consumed. In the next 2-3 weeks, the norm is reduced to 70-50 g. At the last stage, they return to the original volume.

  • Carbohydrates with a long period of splitting are eaten at the first and second breakfasts.
  • Supper up to 4 hours before sleep exclusively with protein food with herbs.

How to Dry Your Body

If the weight for the first week of fat drying decreased by 2.5 kg, the diet and exercise regimen was chosen correctly. With a weight loss of less than 1.5 kg, the caloric content of the diet is reduced by another 10%. If the arrows of the scales have gone into minus by 4 kg, more slow carbohydrates are introduced into the menu.

Why do we need cheat meals for drying bodybuilders?

Cheat meal involves a conscious violation of the diet to build up the body. The first 2 weeks at the expense of the strengthened metabolism the fat burn intensively, then the process is decelerated. To avoid a food plateau, the body is shaken with carbohydrate loading.

  • For those who have subcutaneous fat not exceeding 20%, it is recommended that once every 12-14 days pamper themselves with sweet.
  • If the figures do not exceed 15%, cakes are re-used once a week.

The next day, arrange a pure protein day with leafy greens. Get out of the diet smoothly, gradually increasing the glucose rate.


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Fitness and drying

The training regime is individual and depends on the overall preparation. The program includes multi-joint exercises for pumping the entire body and isolated for problem areas.

The weight of the shells is reduced by 1/3 but increases the number of repetitions.

If the percentage of fat exceeds 30%, most of the load falls on the share of cardio. In this case, proper drying involves aerobic exercise for 30 minutes with a heart rate above 120 beats per minute. Also, a lot of energy goes to supersets, Crossfit, interval running. The proposed complexes of exercises for men and women will help to choose the optimal load regime.

Remember that before carrying out drying you should already have good musculature, which was “with what to stay” after. That’s why bodybuilders first increase the mass, and then “dry”. During the exercise, it is recommended not to overdo with physical exertion and the main emphasis should be on aerobic exercise. But not more than half an hour.