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Protein slimming cocktail

Protein cocktail is a low-calorie product created based on protein compounds. The advantage of this drink is that the protein, when ingested, is not stored in fat, but is a building material for muscle mass. Of course, if you do not engage in the gym, your muscles are unlikely to grow and gain relief, but fat deposits will definitely go away.

Although protein cocktails are primarily associated with bodybuilding in many people, their main advantages are not limited to helping you to “pump up”.

For overweight women who want to lose weight, daily intake of protein shakes will help ensure a lasting sense of satiety, thereby limiting the total caloric intake.

Of course, you will get better results if you use other additional measures to lose weight in parallel, but even taking one portion of protein (protein) cocktail as a meal replacement once a day has enough potential to help you lose weight.

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So, what is the essence of protein cocktails for weight loss?

Since your main goal is weight loss, you can replace one or two normal meals with protein shakes to reduce the amount of calories consumed and work towards permanent weight loss.

In 2003, a study published in the American journal Nutrition Journal showed that participants who within 40 weeks replaced 1 to 2 major portions of foods with a high protein mixture lost significantly more weight than those who followed a low-calorie diet with three regular meals a day.


Protein cocktail is not the main factor in the process of losing weight but only becomes its important catalyst, helping to quickly get rid of excess weight, while maintaining muscle tone and skin elasticity. To get the best results, the use of protein drinks should be combined with the right balanced diet and sports training. With the help of the correct intake of concentrated proteins, you can achieve the following effects:

  • the decrease in appetite due to slow assimilation of proteins;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • activation of fat burning;
  • loss of excess weight;
  • reduce the manifestations of cellulite;
  • acquiring a beautiful muscular relief;
  • getting a charge of vigor and energy.

As a result of a competent combination of exercise and diet with a regular intake of a protein cocktail, the body will receive a sufficient amount of protein necessary for active training and intensive weight loss.

In addition, the use of a protein drink has a number of advantages:

  • the product is quite nutritious and may well replace one meal;
  • it can be drunk immediately after awakening to provide an invigorating effect;
  • the cocktail is prepared quickly, which saves time for cooking;
  • the digestion of proteins requires a lot of energy, so even without physical exertion, you can accelerate the process of losing weight;
  • the presence of vitamins and minerals additionally contributes to the normalization of their balance in the body, which is very important during dietary nutrition.

In dry protein concentrates, L-carnitine is often present, which accelerates metabolic and fat burning processes, as well as additives that reduce appetite. For vegetarians, vegetable protein is produced, in particular, soybean, the protein of which is digested worse, but this does not reduce the effectiveness of the drink in terms of weight loss.


Keep in mind that consuming too many protein shakes can have negative long-term effects on women’s health. Even though these mixtures contain calcium, which helps prevent osteoporosis, using a high-protein diet for a long period can, on the contrary, lead to its loss.

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In addition, excessive protein intake may increase the risk of diverticulitis, constipation, heart disease, liver, kidney, and even cancer.

Among the less serious consequences, it should be noted that protein cocktails can have a paradoxical effect, causing weight gain in their daily long-term consumption.

In addition, you can create in the body a deficiency of important nutrients, if you neglect the main products in favor of protein mixtures. After all, these products have a greater supply of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and other useful compounds than any protein cocktails.

Nutritional value of cocktails

Pay special attention to the ingredients listed on the label if you buy protein shakes at a sports store, instead of cooking them at home. Such additives, most likely, contain more artificial ingredients: sugar, fat, cholesterol, and sodium than home-made cocktails.

Thus, even if they are well enriched, such options can not offer you sufficient nutritional value, so give preference to mixtures with low fat and sugar content and the high volume of fiber, protein, and natural ingredients.

How to prepare a protein slimming cocktail at home?

Self-creation of protein mixtures at home will help you save money and control what ingredients and nutrients are used in the manufacture. Although many people actively use protein powders as the main ingredient in the future cocktail, you can easily prepare a delicious and protein-rich beverage without it.

In order to properly make a protein slimming cocktail at home, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. Prepare the blender and pour into it 1 – 2 cup skim milk, one serving of which contains as much as 9 gr. protein and 12 g. carbohydrates.
  2. Replace the protein powder 1/2 cup of skim or partially defatted ricotta cheese, which is made from whey proteins. This portion contains 14 g. protein, 6 g. carbohydrates, and about 10 g. fat. The serum is very quickly absorbed and is an effective component for stimulating the synthesis of muscle protein.
  3. Add 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese, in which an important ingredient is a casein, a substance that is very slowly digested. Forming a jelly-like mass in the intestine, casein slows down digestion, creating a “brook effect” of amino acids (building blocks of proteins) in muscle cells. In addition, casein prevents the destruction of muscles and helps to suppress appetite. 1/2 cup of cottage cheese contains 5 gr. carbohydrates and 14 g. squirrel.
  4. Add 150 gr. degreased yogurt to your taste and place in a blender to a homogeneous consistency. Yogurts contain probiotics of healthy and healthy bacteria that promote good health, as well as calcium, which, as you know, can help with weight loss and will prevent further accumulation of fat. This portion of yogurt adds 14 gr. carbohydrates and 8 g. proteins in your cocktail.
  5. Put frozen or fresh fruit to add flavor, vitamins, and healthy carbohydrates. pre-frozen bananas allow you to give cocktails a consistency of ice cream.
  6. And at the very end, add a couple of tablespoons of flaxseed or olive oil or other healthy fats, which is aimed at preventing the possible development of cardiovascular diseases and improve overall health. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats can help you reduce the damage that your body does to harmful, saturated, and trans fats.
  7. Use a protein shake immediately after preparation. If you still have a surplus, pour it into a tightly closed container and store it in the refrigerator. Shake well before use, as some components may fade over time.


Protein cocktails are guaranteed to help you achieve weight loss and maintain muscle mass if you regularly get cardio and strength, but they can not do it all alone. In addition, before you start a new diet that includes taking protein blends, you must get approval from a nutritionist or doctor.