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Gymnastic wheel with handles

There are quite a few simulators that are compact in size but capable of making work on the body much more efficient. One of them is a press clip, which is aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles, but also allows you to work with other muscle groups. Not only trained athletes but also beginners who take their first steps in the world of sports can perform exercises with a simulator.

The simulator can be found in almost any sports store or purchased online. The names may be different: press roller, press wheel, sports wheel, gymnastic wheel, gymnastic roller. In fact, these are the names of the same simulator.

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What is a simulator

The wheel for the press fully justifies its name. In fact, this is the wheel, on both sides of which are fixed handles. The simulator can have either one or two wheels or provide for the possibility of installing/removing an additional wheel. The diameter can be different but usually ranges from 15-20 cm (the smaller the diameter, the harder it is to deal with). The simplest models have ordinary plastic handles, and the more advanced ones have rubberized ones, which is much more convenient and safer when practicing.

Upgraded models can be equipped with pedals for the feet, which allow you to expand the list of exercises and work more actively on the lower body. You can also purchase a simulator wheel with handles, which will be built with a trimmer with tensioners (expanders).

What to look for when choosing

When purchasing a gymnastic video clip, it is important to correctly assess your capabilities and needs, as well as analyze product offers on the market. This is necessary in order to buy a simulator specifically for your level, and also not to succumb to the tricks of the consultants in the shops, which sometimes are much more important not to help the client find a suitable option, but to sell him a more expensive model.

Simulator with a return mechanism – the best option for beginners. It allows you to facilitate workouts and minimize the risk of injury. But unlike a simple wheel that does not have such a function, it does not give such a high load.

It is much easier to deal with a press wheel having two rollers than one. Such a simulator keeps balance better, although it lightens the load.

The roller with a shifted center of gravity is more suitable for those who already have experience with a simple wheel and are ready for more complex loads. For beginners, this model is not recommended.

When choosing worth paying attention to the weight of the wheel. It is easier to work with lightweight models, but it is more difficult with heavy ones.

The wheel with the pedals is usually chosen by those who are engaged professionally. This simulator allows you to significantly diversify the set of exercises with him and get the best result. Even more embodiments of the exercise give the simulator, optionally equipped with a trimmer with tensioners. It allows you to increase the load through the use of cable tension.

What muscles strengthen when working with a simulator

Exercises with a roller for the press are aimed at working out mainly the upper part of the body, namely the arms, shoulders, abdomen, back, and chest. But when they are performed, a significant load also falls on the muscles of the lower press and lower back, buttocks, quadriceps, and thigh biceps are also involved.

Performing exercises with the wheel in the “plank” position, virtually no part of the body remains unloaded. A large selection of options for using the simulator also allows you to work on hidden muscles while achieving the best result.

Classes with a wheel are recommended for those who are too early to think about working out muscles and just need to lose weight.

How to pump the press and other muscles using the wheel

There are quite a few exercises in which the gymnastic wheel is used. The principle of operation is always almost the same, but the initial position changes.


Holding straightened hands-on roller handles, rest them from the floor and place it strictly under the shoulders. Slowly start rolling the wheel forward to the distance of the outstretched arms, just as slowly return to the starting position. This is the easiest option, but quite effective for working out the press. To work on the oblique abdominal muscles, a similar exercise is performed, but the roller does not roll forward, but slightly away from the body.

Standing on one knee

At the same time, the second leg is set aside. The exercise is performed similarly to the previous one. It is also possible to roll the roller both forward and to the side.


One foot to kneel, the second rests on a wall or other reliable surface. Holding the roller in your hands, roll it back and forth as much as possible, keeping the center of gravity on it.

Emphasis standing

Legs shoulder-width apart, arms straightened, roller rest on the floor. Roll it forward as much as physical training allows, go back.

Sitting on your lap

Rollback to the prone position, without lifting your knees from the floor, pull back.

It is recommended to perform each exercise with a roller for the press 10 times, making 3 sets of each. At the initial stage of training, the number of repetitions and approaches can be reduced. This is especially true for those who are physically uncharacteristic. It is best to work out every other day because the muscles need time to recover.

It is extremely important each time before using a gymnastic roller, to warm up the body with simple exercises. This could be jogging, squatting, bending, etc.

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Advantages of the roller over other simulators

Despite its simplicity, small size, and low cost, the sports video has many advantages and can make a serious competition to more complex and expensive simulators. Among its advantages are:

  • High efficiency in the direction of strengthening the abdominal muscles, as well as the overall “drying” of the body and reducing the amount of fat deposits;
  • Acting on both straight and oblique abdominal muscles, the roller helps to change its shape, making the press-fit and attractive;
  • Increased stamina, improved posture;
  • Does not take a lot of places, is simple in assembly and operation;
  • You can choose a simulator for varying degrees of fitness and weight of the athlete, as well as the type of exercise.

Features of the exercise

When performing exercises with a gymnastic wheel, you must adhere to certain recommendations that will help you get the most noticeable results from your classes:

  • For those who are just starting a roller-skating class, it’s better not to get into the plank position right away, but rather to do the exercises with an emphasis on the knees;
  • The wheel should be set in motion as smoothly as possible, without jerks;
  • While the wheel is moving, the abdominal muscles should be in constant tension;
  • In the final position, you need to make a short pause.
  • When performing the kneeling exercise, it is necessary to place a special gymnastic mat under them to minimize the load on the joints.

There are a number of contraindications for training with the wheel. Traditionally, it is customary to refer to them:

  • Spinal injuries and joint diseases;
  • The presence of chronic diseases;
  • Feeling unwell;
  • Pregnancy.

In case of the occurrence of painful sensations in the back and spine, it is recommended to stop classes and consult with experts.